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Our Mission Statement
Our Mission Statement

Pastor's weekly message

One of the great problems in the early church was why Jesus was waiting so long to return and to inaugurate the Kingdom of God which he had promised. Part of the reason that the Gospels did not get written until 30 years after Jesus death was because the early believers did not think they would be around long enough to need any written accounts. The world as they knew it was going to change as soon as Jesus returned. And he was returning very soon, maybe tomorrow.

But as the time progressed and weeks and months turned into years and decades our ancestors needed to rethink what Jesus' coming had meant and what the role of us, the Church, was to be. This struggle to understand the delay of Jesus' return and our role in the salvation of the world was in large part why the Gospels are written as they are. The readings for this Sunday begin to explain what needs to happen next. The first reading from the Acts of the Apostles continues to tell the story of the early church, that suffering will be involved in building the Kingdom of God and that we will need to choose good leadership to guide and direct us. Our second reading from the Book of Revelation promises us that the hopes we had for Jesus as our Messiah have not ended by his delayed return. A new heaven ad a new earth are being born. The old order is passing away and a Kingdom of peace and justice where suffering will be no more is coming. Have faith and trust in the Lord.

Our Gospel from John, the last Gospel written and done so at least 75 years after Jesus death, assures us that Jesus has been and continues to be glorified ever since his death on the cross. But Jesus' death was not the end but rather the beginning of the next age, the age of the Holy Spirit of God and of the Church. The age in which the world will see the presence of God in us and in the way we love one another. This is the age in which all will come to know that we are the disciples of Jesus in the love we have for each other and especially for all those whom Jesus came to serve, the poor and the forgotten.

Today we probably have more trouble believing that Jesus will ever return than we do wondering why he has not returned yet. But in any case, until he does return, one thing is for sure, it is our love for one another that will save and change the world.

Fr. Chris

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