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Our Mission Statement
Our Mission Statement

The Pastor's weekly message

As the Father has sent me so I send you...Receive the Holy Spirit. The Feast of Pentecost ends the Easter season. Pentecost celebrates the birth of the Church as the sacrament of Christ in the world. We, the Church, filled with God's Holy Spirit are now the real presence of Christ in the world. Most Catholics would tell you that it is the nuns and the priests that bring Christ to the world and do the work (ministry) of Christ in the world. However, the sacrament that calls people to ministry is baptism. Therefore, all Christians are called to ministry. All of us are called and gifted to be Christ present in the world.

In the early Church we had a much better sense of this universal call to ministry. St. Paul in this Sunday's second reading tells us that there are different gifts and different forms of service but only one God who produces all of these gifts in everyone. Everyone is a part of the Body of Christ and every gift is necessary and important. There are gifts of service and administration, of prayer and preaching, of teaching and learning, of generosity and hospitality. What is your gift? What ministry is God asking of you as a baptized member of his Body? The vitality of any parish, any community, is measured less by the amount of money that can be raised as by the amount of people involved in ministry and service to others. So, what is your ministry in our community?

St. Matthew's is blessed with many groups who do very good ministry. This year, as you consider your role in the Body of Christ, might you be called to join one of our established ministries? Perhaps you are called to start a new ministry in our parish. Perhaps you are called to pray daily for those in need in our parish or for the success of our parish ministries of service. To that end, next week we will have a parish ministry fair where you can see all that is done in and by our community and can join a ministry. On Monday evening, June 8 at 7 pm, you are invited to a parish community brainstorming meeting to discuss what other ministries of social justice we, the parish of St. Matthew, should be providing to our wider community. Please consider joining that conversation.

This Pentecost, as the Holy Spirit fills and calls us once again to renew the earth, to what ministry are you being called?

Fr. Chris

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