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Our Mission Statement
Our Mission Statement

The Pastor's weekly message

Where do we see Jesus present in our lives? Is he most clearly present to you in your family, in the love and community of those closest to you? Perhaps you see him present in nature, in the beauty all around in flowers and trees, in beetles and in birds, in babbling brooks and in ocean waves. Perhaps you see Jesus most clearly when you are in church before the Blessed Sacrament or in the celebration of the Eucharist or the silence of a quiet church early in the morning. Perhaps you find Christ in your hunger for healing or peace or reconciliation in a troubled part of your life in these days. We believe and know that God in Christ Jesus is ever present to us because he promised that to us. But sometimes it is hard to see him present or to feel his closeness. We get trapped in the superficial, surface parts of life and find it hard to see more deeply into the true mystery of our lives. The readings for this Sunday invite us to see more deeply.

Last Sunday we read of Jesus multiplication of the loaves and the fishes as he fed 5,000 people on the mountain. This Sunday those people continue to follow Jesus still hungry for bread but now Jesus wants them to see more deeply, to understand their deeper hunger. Jesus wants them, and us, to not get trapped in the miracle of the multiplication of the loaves but to see it as a sign of God ever-present to us feeding all our hungers, concerned for all our needs. The people tell Jesus that they want him to do what Moses did, i.e., give them bread from heaven to eat. But Jesus reminds them that it was not Moses who gave them the bread in the dessert but God who feeds us all and gives us the fulness of life. Then Jesus tells them and us that the real food for which we all hunger is not bread but the "bread of life", Jesus the Lord.

We live in a world hungry for food (bread and fish) and for life. Jesus wants us to know that he is concerned for all our hungers but is especially concerned to satisfy our deepest hunger for God, for love. Wherever you find God present, in loved ones, in nature, in the Church, Jesus wants us to know that our hungers are invitations to keep looking more deeply because that search is leading us to God.

Fr. Chris

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