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Our Mission Statement
Our Mission Statement

Pastor's weekly message

Rabbi Hillel was a well-loved, respected, and quoted rabbi/teacher of the generation right before the birth of Jesus. One of his famous quotes is; "What is hateful to you, do not do to your neighbor: that is the whole Torah, while the rest is commentary on it. Go and learn." What Rabbi Hillel was saying is what all the great religious traditions teach on one way or another, the golden rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. If love is the root and foundation of all that we say and do (see Eph. 3:17-18) then we are not far from the Kingdom of God.

This week in our second reading from Paul to the church at Rome he says: Owe nothing to anyone, except to love one another; for the one who loves another has fulfilled the is the fulfillment of the law.As Rabbi Hillel, St. Paul, Jesus, and all the greatest religious teachers of the ages have said and shown: God is love. Whoever lives in love lives in God and God in them (1Jn 4:16b). If we act in love then we are acting in God and God is acting in and through us.

Our other readings for this Sunday from the prophet Ezekiel and from Matthew's Gospel invite us to accept the obligations we have toward one another; to correct and admonish each other when we are in the wrong. It is very difficult to confront another when we think they are acting or speaking contrary to what is good and healthy and true but all of our readings today suggest we must do so. When we hear comments that are prejudicial or demeaning of others, when we encounter racial, sexual or gender bias, when we hear religious prejudice or hatred expressed in word or action, it is our duty to speak up. We cannot simply leave each other to our won devices but must see ourselves as a community trying to find our way to God's kingdom and truth. We need each other's help on the way. But we must always check our motivation when we believe we are in the right and another is in error. The question one must always ask is "Am I doing this because I love this person or am I doing this because I need to be right or in control? As Rabbi Hillel said, if we love one another than we can never do anything that is hateful or destructive to another. In the end, loving one another is the only thing that really matters.

Confrontation, especially in our families or among our friends is never easy. But if we follow the golden rule and if we are acting out of love for the other person then we are obliged to speak the truth. That is what the Torah, the Bible, the Quran, the Vedas, all the great sacred writings are ultimately all about.

Fr. Chris

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