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Our Mission Statement
Our Mission Statement

The Pastor's weekly message

In a world of Lone Rangers, Jesus sends us out two by two. Our country holds sacred the rights of the individual over the community. Our country was founded by people who had been oppressed by governments or rulers who had limited or even denied them religious and personal freedoms that they held as sacred. That principle of individual rights, however, can devolve into selfishness and a lack of caring for the other. It can also isolate us from one another and break down the bonds of community that keep us connected to each other. Alexis De Toqueville, the nineteenth century French political thinker, when he studied the American democracy in action in his book Democracy in America, said that the glue that held the American experiment together was all the small community groups that provided for the needs of the common good. De Toqueville warned that when those small community groups (churches, American legions, granges, rod and gun clubs, fire auxiliaries, etc.) begin to break down then American democracy cannot long survive. Jesus sends us out in community with the support of one another, not one by one but two by two.

In this day, when you speak especially to the young and ask them where they find their community support and engagement, they will often speak of on-line communities (Facebook, chat rooms, blogging groups, etc.). Small community organizations that meet face to face like granges or auxiliaries or even churches are diminishing and disappearing. Will electronic communities replace our community organizations? Will the electronic communities work to support people in their isolation and loneliness or do we need face to face communal gatherings? The way we respond to Jesus' call to go out into the community and heal, console, and comfort others in need may be changing. But the basic charge by Jesus to go out two by two remains central to the way we, as Catholic Christians are called to minister to the world. Jesus knew that we need each other to do the work of the Gospel. As we hear Jesus charge to us this week, let us recommit ourselves to building and healing the communities to which we belong and from which we get so much.

Fr. Chris

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