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Our Mission Statement
Our Mission Statement

Pastor's weekly message

Today, the Feast of the Epiphany, the day that the infant Lord is made manifest to the world, the day we celebrate the wise men bringing gifts and worshiping the child Jesus, people are celebrating Mass in Africa and Asia, in the near and far east, in Europe and Australia, in South, Central and North America, in the Pacific Islands, all around the globe. Our church is a universal church. It includes peoples of all races, colors, cultures and languages. We as a global community are invited to see each other as brothers and sisters of the newborn Lord, the king of the Jews. Our readings remind us of this challenge to see ourselves as one family united yet very diverse.

Matthew's Gospel is the only gospel that includes the story of the Magi, the wise men. These are foreigners, travelers from the east who are the first to recognize that a newborn child is the savior of the world. In Luke's story of the birth of Jesus, poor shepherds are the first to recognize this child as Lord but in Matthew, foreigners understand before all others. Matthew, like St. Paul in our second reading and throughout his ministry, understand that this Jewish child born of Mary has come for all and not just to save the Jews. This struggle to see ourselves as one global family was with us as a church in the beginning and continues to challenge us today. God calls all his people throughout the world to come, worship and adore this newborn Christ among us.

The powers of the world (symbolized in Matthew's story by King Herod) will resist this new way of seeing and understanding. Political power is built on fueling and encouraging the differences among us, fighting for control and power so one can get one's own way and promote one's own ideas. But this newborn child will offer a different way, a way of unity and peace for all peoples. This newborn child will speak to us about our deeper selves, those qualities in us that make us one, our desire for love, beauty, and justice for all people. With St. Paul, St. Matthew will challenge is to learn from the wise men (and women) from the east, from foreign lands, to see and accept the gifts they bring: gold, which symbolizes our royalty as co-heirs with Christ, frankincense that reminds us of our deeper, spiritual needs and desires for healing and wholeness, and myrrh, the oil that prepares us for our death and finally makes us all one.

This Epiphany let us be aware that we are a global church, celebrating with, learning from, and being blessed by the diversity that makes this small planet beautiful and precious.

Fr. Chris

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