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Our Mission Statement
Our Mission Statement

The Pastor's weekly message

Lent begins this week with Ash Wednesday, Feb. 10. Pope Francis has asked us to celebrate this year as a Year of Mercy. So this Lent we will be focusing on Jesus' challenge to us all in Luke's gospel (6:36) Be merciful just as your Father is merciful. We will explore the concept and challenge to be merciful by focusing on the 7 corporal works of mercy: feed the hungry, give drink to the thirsty, clothe the naked, shelter the homeless, comfort the imprisoned, visit the sick, and bury the dead. Lent is our time to take stock of how we are doing in our spiritual journey to God. We are especially invited to pray, fast, and do charity (Mt. 6: 1-6,16-18) during these 40 days so that we can be forgiven for the times we have lost our way, not shown the face of God to our families, friends, neighbors and enemies; and to prepare for the resurrection of the Lord and the great promise of new life on Easter Sunday, March 27.

This year at St. Matthew's we are especially blessed to have five people who have been preparing since August to either enter the church (catechumen) or to be confirmed in their faith (candidate). A catechumen is someone who has never been baptized but now wants to enter our Church community and become a disciple of Christ like us. Paula Willsie is seeking baptism, confirmation and communion and will be initiated into our faith community at the Easter vigil on Holy Saturday night. A candidate is someone who was baptized in any Christian church but never really pursued the path of becoming a disciple, a committed follower of Christ. Now they are seeking to be "confirmed" in that faith which they or their parents professed at baptism. Carol Haley, Tyler Kirk, Kim Orlando and Phyllis Talbot are all asking to receive the sacrament of confirmation and to be fully initiated into our Catholic community. The journey of these 5 people is also our journey of faith in Christ Jesus.

Let us pray with them and for them especially during these 40 days. Let us all make these next 40 days of Lent a time of retreat, of prayer, fasting and doing mercy, so that on Easter Sunday we might truly be reborn into the Body of Christ. A blessed Lent to you.

Fr. Chris

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