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Our Mission Statement
Our Mission Statement

Pastor's weekly message

Wednesday, March 1 is Ash Wednesday. Catholics around the world, indeed all Christians, begin the 40 day season of preparation for the resurrection of the Lord by prayer, fasting, and caring for those in need (giving alms). Lent begins.

So often in the past Lent was seen as a season of acknowledgment of our sinfulness, of our unworthiness before the goodness and love of God. Lent was seen as the quintessential time of doing penance and of suffering with the Lord who died for our sins. Lent was seen as a dark time, waiting for the light of Easter. Lent has also and can, however, be seen as a time of great hope and promise. It is the time of immediate preparation for our catechumens and candidates (Samantha and Kelly) to enter the community of the faithful. Our current Pope, Francis, does not seem to tire of reminding us that God is the God of love and mercy more than a God of condemnation and rebuke. Pope Francis has reminded us over and over that the church is to be a field hospital for the sick and suffering of the world, not the community of the self-righteous or the community of the guardians of all that is correct and perfect. Pope Francis has said, In the face of so many wounds that hurt us and could harden our hearts, we are called to dive into the sea of prayer, which is the sea of God's boundless love, to taste his tenderness. I suggest that we make this prayer our goal of Lent, to dive into the sea of prayer, ... of God's boundless love.

In our second reading from Paul's letter to the Church at Corinth for this Sunday, Paul writes, It does not concern me that I be judged by you or any human tribunal; I do not even pass judgment on myself; ... but I do not stand acquitted; the one who judges is the Lord. Therefore do not make any judgment before the appointed time, until the Lord comes...then everyone will receive praise from God. Did you notice that last phrase? At the time of judgment Paul says that we will not be condemned but rather when God reads our hearts we will receive praise from God. Imagine standing before God at the judgment expecting to be condemned for all that we did wrong and all that we failed to do and instead receiving praise from God for who we are and for all the good we did in our lives!

Let this Lent be a time of hope-filled preparation for the God of mercy and love who has come not to condemn the world but to save it. Let us all celebrate a Lent full of hope.

Fr. Chris

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