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Our Mission Statement
Our Mission Statement

The Pastor's weekly message

The feast of Christ the King has never been my favorite feast day. When I read the Gospel and reflect on Jesus life and message, I seldom hear power or authority but rather service and compassion. I also know that the history of this feast was partially a response on the part of the church to the loss of power and authority in Italy as the government limited church authority to the Vatican city-state. And yet, in the midst of all decisions there are truths to be learned and pondered. Perhaps one of those truths worthy of our reflection on this feast is the role of service and compassion in any governmental system. What is the responsibility of any authority to care for the poor and the most vulnerable among us?

Christ is the model by which we are to live our lives and make our decisions. He lived his life by always putting others, especially the most needy other first. If that kind of service leadership was the model by which we elected our governmental officials how might our laws, our state and federal systems be different? What is our role in speaking for these changes and advocating for these kinds of governmental programs? Can one really separate ones' religious principles from decisions made in governing and lawmaking? If Christ were our king (president) what would he be asking of us?

As we see every November around election time, these can be contentious issues in our communities. Perhaps the one lesson worth taking from this feast of Christ the King, is that for us, Catholic Christians, our belief in Jesus Christ must guide our decisions in our support of governmental policies which affect the most vulnerable members of our communities. All authority, according to Jesus Christ, is for service, not self aggrandizement. What would our leadership look like if we only elected true servant leaders? May God, on this feast day, bless those leaders who are servant leaders for us all.

Fr. Chris

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