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Our Mission Statement
Our Mission Statement

The Pastor's weekly message

From 1980 - 1989 I was vocation director of the diocese of Albany. Part of my job was to assign seminarians to parishes for the summer. I would always review a seminarian's evaluation and see what strengths they possessed and what issues they were working on both personally and in their ministry. Then I would assign them to a pastor who, in my judgment, had those skills or traits that could assist the seminarian to grow in his ministry and in his person. The Bishop would always review my suggestions and do the assignments. Usually the Bishop simply went along with my suggestions. One year he asked me about one assignment. He needed to change it, he told me. He explained that the pastor to whom I had assigned a seminarian would not be a good match. When he described the pastor, I wondered if we were speaking of the same man. I had a totally different experience and evaluation of the priest than the Bishop did. It always amazes me how we can be so differently perceived by different people.

A prophet in his own land will seldom be accepted by his own people, Jesus tells us in today's Gospel. When Jesus returns to his own town and preaches there, the folk who thought they knew him and his family let all their preconceived notions get in the way of truly hearing him and his message. They cannot be open to his healing and saving message and so Jesus cannot perform any mighty deed there apart from curing a few sick people.

I wonder how often my preconceived notions of another person do not allow me to experience their gifts and hear their wisdom? The first reading from the prophet Ezekiel describes this inability to hear and see clearly as hard of face and obstinate of heart. Too often in families, churches, associations and small towns, our preconceived notions make us hard of face and obstinate of heart toward another. That hardness gets in the way of seeing the truth and experiencing the healing that comes with genuine, loving, human encounter.

What prophet in my own life am I not hearing because my preconceived notions have made me hard of heart? Might now be the time to soften my heart and listen again, perhaps for the first time?

Fr. Chris

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