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Our Mission Statement
Our Mission Statement

The Pastor's weekly message

Have you ever tried to describe for someone else an experience that you have had realizing that words simply will not convey the power of the moment as you felt and saw it? Years ago I saw a sunset that was one of the most amazing, beautiful, all-absorbing experiences of nature that I ever had. I have tried to describe that moment and the words simply never are able to convey the experience. The words are simply too small to carry the power and meaning of the experience. If words cannot fully describe a sunset how can they ever describe resurrection?

Our Gospel writers have the unenviable task of trying to help us understand the experience of the resurrected Christ. How can you help a reader experience the resurrection? What words do you use to describe an experience that is beyond words and almost beyond understanding? After the death of Jesus of Nazareth, first Mary Magdalen, then Peter and John, then other apostles and disciples and finally Paul experience the risen Jesus, the Christ. For these next 50 days after Easter, we, the Church, focus on that experience of the risen Christ among us. We are trying to understand both how the Lord continues to be present to us and what this now means for our lives and our behavior. This third Sunday of Easter follows the account of the two disciples on the road to Emmaus. Those two followers of Jesus had decided that after his death the dream of justice that he promised was over. They were heading home to Emmaus to go back to their ordinary lives. Jesus appeared to them and walked with them and taught them as they went but they did not recognize him until he sat at supper and broke the bread. Then he vanished from their sight.

Our Gospel for this Sunday has Jesus eating some baked fish with us and telling us to look at the nail marks in his hands and to believe that he is really still present with us. The poor Gospel writers. How else can they try and convey to us that this resurrected Jesus is the same as he was when he walked among us but very, very different now? How can these writers help us understand an experience that can never be completely put into words but needs to be experienced by each one of us? The Gospel writers are inviting us to experience Jesus in the breaking of the bread at each Eucharist every Sunday. They are inviting us to look for him in surprising and unexpected places on our "journeys to Emmaus", as we are disheartened and heading home. For these 50 days of the Easter season we are invited to look a little more deeply into the many ways the resurrected Christ is among us. Thanks be to God. Alleluia.

Fr. Chris

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