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Our Mission Statement
Our Mission Statement

The Pastor's weekly message

If you have been following the synod on the family in Rome during the past two weeks, you may now be elated, disappointed, confused, horrified, amazed or any number of other reactions. Let me give you my thoughts. Pope Francis has brought a remarkable new style to the papacy. This synod and its open conversation is a example of that style. This openness is not new to our Church. All you need to do is read any of St. Paul's letters in the Bible and you will see the same open discussion taking place all over. So, here are some of my thoughts about the recent conversation and disagreement from our bishops about the LGBT community (homosexuality) and the divorced and remarried receiving communion in our Church.

Our bishops can and did (and I think should) disagree. These are complex and serious issues that need full discussion and open dialogue for us to discern God's Holy Spirit in our day. We should have these conversations out in the open (transparency), not behind closed doors by just a few bishops. The Church has always changed (although slowly) throughout the ages. For example, the Bible permits slavery. We no longer condone slavery, thank God. The Bible forbids making interest on money (usury). There goes our mutual funds and savings accounts. We now permit getting interest. And the Church has so often changed its marriage laws, that it would take a whole book to explain those changes.

With this synod on the family, Pope Francis has invited us all to not be so afraid of open dialogue and of change in our Church. Study the issues about the rights of homosexuals in our world and in our Church. Consider how we should allow the divorced and remarried to participate in the Eucharist. The bishops are arguing openly about these issues and so should we. After all, we are the Church!

Fr. Chris

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